About Us

Good For You Vending started as a idea and need from the lack of nutritious and delicious options of easily accessible snacks through out the community such as schools, suburbs with a community of families, and corporations/offices. The available vending machines on the market lacked yummy choices and are often filled with boring and mundane snacks that aren’t appetizing. 

In addition, we work differently than other vending companies in such that we truly want to customize the experience for our clients and we are often considered as part of the team to provide the type of services and choices that would be client-friendly so they can choose and customize it to their needs.

Utilizing our service is free of charge and adds value for our clients by enhancing their space with healthy food and beverage options. 

We can source almost any category of snacks. We believe relationships and trust come first, so we prefer to discuss with our client what they need and envision and will submit a customized contract and vending solution for them – because everyone has different needs and requires unique solutions.